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‘American Dad!’ Renewed for 7th Season to Extend Through 2012-2013

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Fox has decided to give “American Dad!” early renewal although the show’s rating has sunk down a bit since its 2005 premiere. The animated TV series starring Seth MacFarlane as one of the voice cast will be back for seventh season, bringing it through the 2012-2013 season, so it was officially announced.

Despite the decrease in rating, “American Dad!” actually still manages to pull a fairly dependable audience. Last season, it reportedly scored 5.9 million viewers. “This is fantastic news,” Roger the Alien said. “But you do realize I’m not real, right?” That quote by Seth’s animated character in its renewal press release seems to express the network’s satisfaction with the figure.

Before moving to the next season, “American Dad!” will go through “lots of hijinks from the Smiths this spring” in the new episodes of its sixth season. Upcoming guest voices include Anjelica Huston, Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Burt Reynolds and Cee-Lo Green.

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Scrubs’ star Judy Reyes’ wistful return to the ‘Gun Hill Road’

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A big hello to the Scrubs TV show fans!

The gorgeous Judy Reyes is well known for her portrayal of the hospital’s head nurse, Carla Espinosa in the hit comedy series. As a well meaning official who often hides the mistakes of young interns from the authorities, she was one of the brightest stars in the show. Get hold of Scrubs full episodes online to see more of this fantastic actress!

Well, Judy Reyes was born and brought up in the Bronx, and her role in an upcoming indie movie brought back many fond memories from her childhood. The movie is called ‘Gun Hill Road’ and tells the story of an ex-con who returns home to the Bronx from prison, only to find a disgruntled wife and a son who’s undergoing a severe identity crisis.

The shooting for this movie was carried out on the streets of Bronx. And, the whole exercise was nothing short of a nostalgic trip to the past!

“I am so familiar with the hood that it’s not even funny. Driving into that neighborhood every day, I would pass the local church where I grew up on the way to location, so it brought back very fond memories,” says Judy. Well, you too can have such a trip if you download Scrubs season 9 episode 10 from here!

Judy even spoke on her experiences while working in the full series of your favorite show.  She absolutely loved the show, and working in it was a fantastic experience for her. What she misses the most is the laughter, especially the opportunity to make others laugh!

Well, you can have your share of laughter if you watch Scrubs season 9 episode 10 online! This way you can catch all your favorite episodes without cluttering your system’s memory. Moreover, the high audio and video quality of the contents enhances the viewing experience.

Judy considers herself blessed that she got the chance to work in such a well respected TV show, one that she would also prefer to watch. From Scrubs to ‘Gun Hill road’, she has done it all, and I wish her all the luck. Hope she reaches ever-higher peaks of creative success!

Until I return with more news, views and scoop, it’s goodbye!

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American Dad Season 6 Episode 11 “A Pinata Named Desire” Review

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American Dad “A Pinata Named Desire” Season 6 Episode 11 – In tonight’s episode of American Dad, Roger discovers that Stan is a terrible actor which, in the world of the C.I.A. apparently, means that lives are lost. Trying to help him out, Roger invites Stan to his acting class where he hopes to help him hone his craft.

Anytime Roger and Stan are given the opportunity to butt heads on American Dad, you know there’s bound to be some golden comedy moments. Roger is already such an obnoxious know-it-all, so setting him in the world of theater just gives him all the tools necessary to be an exaggerated version of his normal hilarious self. He tutors Stan in the art of acting using a scene from War Games. It’s totally predictable, but Roger breaks down Stan’s acting block and it turns out Stan has a natural knack for the stage. Of course, the minute Stan’s insecurity is cured by the realization of his latent talent, he plows head first into Roger’s theater world with his usual arrogant attitude and thus the scene is set for Roger and Stan to play hardball, thespian style.

After making fools of themselves a couple of times, Stan and Francine are back with another rib-cracking dose of entertainment. Watch American Dad season 6 episode 11 after it gets released, for your quota of weekly laughter, as Stan and Francine go out of their way to make you burst with laughter.

Meanwhile, Steve and his friends come to the realization that they’ve moved into a place in their adolescence where sleepovers are no longer appropriate and decide to organize one last shindig before saying adieu to the activities of their youth. They go about the planning process like they’re organizing a wedding. Steve is trying to micromanage every aspect of the final slumber party like a sleepover-bridezilla and his friends, like a team of overburdened bridesmaids, finally snap. They have a hilarious breakdown blowout in the pizza shop and suddenly it may not only be the end of their sleepovers, but the end of their friendship altogether.

Steve deciding he doesn’t need any friends to stay entertained is alone in the tree house practicing some questionable advanced yoga moves when he’s interrupted by his friends. It turns out their long lost friend, Ronnie, had returned and reunited the group for the final sleep over and to face their oncoming adulthood together.

Back on the stage with Roger having sabotaged the leading lady and her understudy, Stan and Roger duel it out in front of the whole audience. What initially is an incredible show of great talent, quickly becomes a showdown of machismo and sex appeal gone wrong. Just as Hayley had predicted earlier in the episode, Roger and Stan become friends again only after they release their pent up sexual tension with one another.

At times the episode felt a little bit slow, but having Roger in the main plot around to frequently interject his random humor helped to pick up the pacing especially earlier in the plot. Overall a good episode of American Dad which maintained a good balance of strong laughs and gags in the main storyline, and featured a subplot that was strong on it’s own.

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